Free flow to home

There is a heart that is full again, were the expansiveness of love reaches out the vastness within, it outpours.

A crack opened allowing the ocean within to get through opening the gate, could it be shut?

But can’t stay closed no more, how do we channel the surge?

The sense of knowing, lost and stranded comes back, it is finding its ground, while is also light and free.

A full laugh and careful connection, a real dance emerges, a full expression of SELF, and a coming back home.

A next day, an appreciation, a knowing, a chain tugged in all the right places

A sense of belonging, a sense of respite, a sense of being whole

Time self-spent with glorious delight, my lover self-meeting the SELF

A dance, a few words following in a stream, resting in a pond find their calm

Oh, oh, oh this place is so full, like the feel of the softest cushion, the feel of the quietest and most soothing cup of water.

An arrival to peace that words can’t really touch

It’s a journey, with its secrets, and challenges

It’s a whisper, it’s a storm, and at times pure grace

I’m staying here with the purest sense that this is my right

That I will do right to SELF, that I will trust the quiet, the time of free flow

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