How my personal  experience as an immigrant woman and my own holistic and somatic healing and growth journey can help you



I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California and practice holistic and somatic therapy. I am passionate about this career path, and value quality and sound clinical work. I strive to nurture a highly collaborative, engaged therapy relationship and my goal in our sessions is for us to feel connected and on the same page when it comes to your goals and needs. I skillfully blend talk therapy, mindfulness, and creative arts with expert somatic trauma therapies. Most importantly, my work is guided by my own senses, and the images and metaphors that emerge in my mind based on what you share and the process unfolding during a session. My understanding of your energy and emotions in the moment inform my choice of strategies to best meet your needs. I like to be spontaneous and use my own creativity in crafting take-home therapy, normally called HOMEWORK. No worries, the latter are optional, but they are meant to suit and support your reflecting and exploring in between our sessions.



I turned into a psychology junky at the early age of 15, which led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in psychology, and in my late twenties and early thirties a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. My love for dance and movement, and my personal health journey with chronic pain while facing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) led me to choose a specialization in Somatic Psychology at John F. Kennedy University Holistic Department. However, like many women, my journey hasn’t been easy. I wasn't born into healthy family dynamics or relationships. I suffered from low self-esteem most of my childhood, adolescence, and college years. I have experienced divorce, and all of the struggles of adapting and acculturating to living in the US, as I was born and raised in Peru. Therapy and a holistic and somatic approach to healing, have helped me face the challenges of being a woman, an immigrant, and a full-time professional while learning to heal and grow. 

Because of my use of personal therapy, I can say with enthusiasm that I am so much more than the sum of my flaws and struggles. I value depth and integrity, and I am committed to living a full and wholesome life. Dance and movement are my most aligned modalities for healing and expression, and my personal favorite approaches to therapy, especially for trauma treatment. For that reason, I plan to further integrate creative arts in this practice for women; especially in the form of retreats and workshops to deepen your process and WELL-BEING journey - let me know if you’re interested!


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Intiutive, inquisitive & Compassionate

Working with Mariana is a pleasure, I always felt that I could trust her as a co-therapist. For two years, I could see that she was an intuitive, inquisitive, and compassionate therapist. Owner of a critical and holistic thinking that allows her to understand the complexities of her clients' lives to offer them both tangible support and the necessary strategies to help them face their own challenges. In addition, she has a gift for connecting with her clients, making the therapeutic relationship develop in a climate of security and acceptance.


Personally, I believe that wherever she goes, she lets her presence be felt, her joy. If I had to add something else, it would be that Mariana is really committed to her own development as a therapist for the benefit of her clients."

Aki Rosemberg

Oakland, CA | LMFT