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Therapy sessions vary in length in order to meet your needs and we offer straightfoward invoicing and billing


BeWellWoman specializes in tailoring session times to your needs. We understand that your lifestyle, personal situation, and past therapy experience means you will benefit from a specific intensity and frequency of sessions. We’ll discuss these needs during your complimentary consultation and can adapt them as we move along. We have included details below of our three most common therapy options and our experience helping other women, so please have a closer look and get in touch with any questions.


As a specialist therapy practice, we only offer paid-for service options. We are not enrolled in any insurance panels, and our client portal makes it easy to access invoices for submission to the FSA, accounting, or insurance reimbursements. Our competitive fees are commensurate with years of experience, professional training, and current market rates.

Individual sessions

weekly, 50 minutes


  Sessions are scheduled weekly and can take place in person or through video or phone calls.  With this frequency and length, we find you won't feel rushed! This is the ideal time to slow down enough week by week and make the desired progress. 

Child-Centered Services

weekly, 50 minutes


Child-Parent sessions in the office are the main offering. Additionally, sessions can be arranged to be provided in the comfort of your home. You might also inquire about support services such as observations in school or consultation with your child's school, participation in IEP, and consultation/coordination with other professionals working to service your child and family.  The range in pricing for child services is to provide flexibility in services rendered.