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Healthy relating requires more than being kind to others. It requires knowing ourselves and respecting our needs. 


Do you feel it's in your nature to worry and to put the needs of others before your own? 

Are you starting to resent that the care with which you treat others is not reciprocated, because clearly others rarely realize what your needs are?


First off, we believe in you, and in the strength that lives within you. Because, these struggles are very common for us women, we have identified that it helps to focus on your core values and needs.


It is also necessary to learn to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings, this mean being self-responsive first, and taking yourself seriously. 


We also know this is easier said than done, with literally centuries of conditioning, and unfortunately our female brain wiring to care and attend to others first!

So, no blame on the above, but don't put yourself off anymore.  Let us share our highly-qualified, professional expertise to help you shape your own authentic WELL-BEING.


Do you attempt the impossible to show your partner what true love is?

Do you put the best of your energy into making your relationship work, even if it is unappreciated?


You share your feelings, but deep down you know that they are not reciprocated. You realize that you are loving too much.

BeWellWoman offers therapy to get compassionately and authentically real with yourself. We help you identify when you are loving too much and to change course.

We support in stepping off the path of pain and leave toxic love behind.

You deserve a healthy relationship that offers a balance between giving and receiving, be it love, attention, time, or support.

You deserve a relationship that helps you grow. We are behind you all the way during your journey towards self-love and self-respect.



Do you give more than you can afford to, investing valuable time and money to seek the approval of others?

Do you say yes to every demand placed upon you?

Mentally, you know you should probably say "no". Yet guilt usually gets in the way of your better judgment. You feel physical and emotional burnout, as not having limits is simply exhausting!

BeWellWoman helps you discover new ways to assess the demands placed upon you, to feel good about yourself, and to enjoy the time you could dedicate to your WELL-BEING.