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It's posible to re-claim your sense of clarity and sanity.  And most importantly you can learn to use tools, gain resilience needed to enjoy your life again. 


You feel like you don't deserve the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve. In your relationships, you don’t think you’re good enough, perhaps as a mother, a partner, a sister, a daughter. It's not uncommon for accomplished women to feel doubt and lack of confidence and yet it can be really difficult to even feel our efforts are worthwhile. If self-doubt is taking over and you feel close to collapse, we are here to give you the tools to regain your self-confidence, to feel free and proud to take risks, and to make decisions. We are on your side of the court on this one!


You’re putting off important decisions at work. Simple tasks leave you exhausted, and anxiety is getting the better of you. If this sounds familiar, the inner critic has taken over. You’re afraid of failure and ashamed of not being able to achieve your goals, despite your hard-earned skills and experience. Though it's part of daily life to feel some anxiety and stress which help us stay motivated and focused on our goals, it is important to address the anxiety that is paralyzing you.  We aim to help you identify your own way to disrupt the negative thoughts and beliefs that paralyze you and to work with your body as a resource through somatic therapy strategies. We help you to stop worrying excessively, and above all, we help you to enjoy your life again.