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Body-mind therapy for women in the East Bay

who want to ease up inside, and connect with their capacity for joy, compassion, and self-love in their day-to-day lives. You are worried all the time as your mind is consumed with a million things. You look at others and wonder how they do it all because you feel like you are failing. You are feeling lost and like you are a fraud.


You never ask for anything even with your partner whom you love. It's hard to trust people and let them in to support you. But you want more attention and warmth in your relationships.


You want things at home and work to feel healthy and fair instead of struggling over petty things. But every time you try to sort out what you want, your mind can't stop and what used to help you no longer is working. The inner critic and imposter syndrome have taken over. You don't have to continue to struggle alone or let the way you are thinking and feeling take further hold of your sense of self, your relationships, your life.

I'm Mariana Chavez, I bring expertise in body-mind therapy, otherwise called somatic therapy (psychotherapy). My passion is to help women of color, often 1st and 2nd generation immigrants who are feeling a ton of shame and who feel they aren't enough, to start to become more self-aware, feel their feelings, listen to their bodies, and slow down. All of you is welcome to be seen in my office. Often my clients report that I see the complexity of their personhood, and the cultural, professional, developmental, relational factors that have to do with everything that makes them, THEM!

Mariana Chavez, LMFT 90484

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Holistic and somatic therapy can help in finding your own way to balance it all. For the past 12 years, I have helped my clients, with stabilizing when they struggle from anxiety, depression, burn-out, existential doubt, and difficulties in relationships that feel unsatisfying, one-sided, or unbalanced. My style is integrative, creative, and body-mind centered. I like to craft take-home practices and explorations in small and attainable dosages, that can help in falling in love with the process of relating to yourself with more curiosity, care, and compassion.


Our office space has been put together with care and attention for your comfort and ease.

We are back in the office and providing face-to-face therapy. Our office is located in Pleasanton within a holistic wellness center, Origin Integrative Health. and it is close to San Ramon, Dublin, Castro Valley, Livermore, and Sunol.

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If you are ready to stop surviving and really learn to use body-mind, creative and integrative therapy to tap into your inner compass to guide you towards ease, joy, and creativity; set up a free phone consultation so that we can connect and for you to share a bit about your specific concerns. I’m here to answer any questions and from there, we can see if we are a good fit.


We have not only good but excellent news. We are here to tell you that body-mind therapy can be quite a unique experience of radical self-love and a journey like no other. While we endorse the benefits, because we have embarked on healing ourselves through personal therapy; we also understand, it can be scary or anxiety-provoking to reach out and take the first step to get started. Such feelings are often there, even if you are considering therapy after a short or long break. Yet, most of our clients report to us, that contrary to their initial hesitation and worries, the consultation call was warm and comfortable. They often gladly report that their first session was a big relief, and provided a sense of self-appreciation for taking the risk of moving past the initial fear or anxiety associated with starting something new or opening up about their struggles . 

Hey! We understand you want more. We are here for the deep personal growth journey as wellYou need somebody that has been on a similar path and gets the complexities of your culture of origin, somebody that can respect and wants to understand your spiritual and religious beliefs.


We have enjoyed accompanying women choosing to grow further and deepen their personal work in areas such as: 

Fellow therapists and healers

Doing work that is of service to others

Deepening self-awareness

Aligning life choices with values 

Living with integrity

Radical self-care and self-love

Finding deeper purpose and meaning in your life 

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